I will be doing my best in any writing on this site to avoid offensive language and use labels as they are used by the people who self-identify with those labels. I will screw up. Partly because as hard as I may try, I will not always be able to keep up with what is and is not acceptable terminology in all the many groups I will be linking to and occasionally discussing. Partly because there is not always agreement as too what is and what is not acceptable language.

Example 1: Some folks who were born with bodies that don’t fit the “standard” male or female body shape prefer to be called intersex and will get offended if anyone refers to their body as a medical condition. Some people feel exactly the opposite – they feel that the term intersex defines them by their body rather then recognizing them as an individual man or woman who has a specific medical condition affecting their body’s external or internal sexual characteristics.

Example 2: Some genderqueer prefer to be referred to as “they.” Some genderqueer prefer to be referred to as “Hir” or “Zir.” There is no consensus and I’d look stupid trying to force one.

These are two of the language Gordian knots I am aware of, and I’m sure there are dozens more. If there is a way to make everyone happy, I don’t know what it is. I am doing my best and I hope readers can accept that and make allowances. If some of my phrasing is ever offensive, please let me know. I will do my best to correct it.

External Links:

Neither I nor this site are in any way responsible for the language used on sites that are linked to. I will not link to a site that I believe is deliberately using offensive language. I will link to sites that are using offensive language in ignorance. I encourage readers to leave POLITE comments informing authors on these sites as to why their language is problematic.

I will link to sites that may be triggering for a variety of issues. Where possible (ie, where I am aware of the problem) I will include a trigger warning with the link. If you find something triggering and there is not a trigger warning, please let me know and I will add a trigger warning. If there is a trigger warning then the link leads to material that may cause panic attacks, flashbacks or other extreme psychological reactions from survivors of emotional or physical trauma.