I want to take some space to thank the folks who have been instrumental in my journey. Some of these folks will be showing up in posts and updates regularly, others no so much. But all were crucial on my journey to understanding the wide reaching world of activism.

Balogun was my introduction to the ongoing struggles of PoC and was awesome about answering my questions and directing me to most of the resources that you will find under Racism 101. He also introduced me to sword and soul and steamfunk, for which I and my writing are very much in his debt.

Aoife was an early introduction to feminist discourse and the person who helped me understand that atheism was not necessarily about attacking me for my beliefs.

The awesome and angry stavvers led me deeper in the issues faced by feminism – both internal and external.

The folks at Tutus and Tiny Hats gave me insight into fat shaming and body positivity. I don’t spend much time there, as fashion is not something I really care about, but I am grateful for lessons learned.

While he’s not the best resource for ableism, Smart Ass Cripple does in his inimitable way illustrate how pervasive ableism is and what the world looks like for those with severe physical disabilities.

Patrick RichardsFink gave me a look inside the LGBT movement from the perspective of a bi man who, like many bi-folk, found he wasn’t truly welcome within it.

The folks at evoL= share their experiences with LGBT families.

My friend and fellow Twitterer flexibeast has always be willing to answer my questions about transitioning and help me understand just how complicated ideas of sexuality and gender really are.

Abby Norman manages to write about Christian beliefs in a way that a Jewish woman who is fed up with organized religion can welcome and enjoy, while tackling issues of rape culture, women’s rights and LGBT.

The now quiet Asexual Underground helped open my eyes to just how broad the world of  sexual identity and orientation really is.