I am a white, mentally ill, physically abled, Jewish, polyamorous, cis-woman who is still figuring out her sexual orientation. More importantly too me, I am a mother, a writer,  a care giver for my physically and mentally disabled partner, and someone who believes the world can be a better place.

I never wanted to be an activist. I knew I didn’t have the energy, time or sanity to put into activism the attention it deserved. I was happy being the quiet ally in the corner who would speak up if I heard someone say something stupid or offensive, but left the front line fighting to other people. Life had other plans, and in 2011 a biased judge took my children away from me because of my polyamorous lifestyle. An appeal court over turned the ruling – a major victory for family rights – but the damage to my family was done. I had already started writing a bit on Polyamory on Purpose, mostly about daily life stuff related to polyamory. But I was damned if I was going to sit back and do nothing while everyday folks around the world went through similar or worse shit and had their families and lives torn apart. I started learning. Polyamory led to LGBT, feminism and atheism. My writing and feminist discussions of intersectionality led me to the ongoing fight against racism. Researching my partners situation led me to the fight against ableism. Several of these brought me the religious moderates, fighting for a voice and recognition in a political and media landscape dominated by religious extremists and militant atheists.

I knew I wanted to contribute to these battles. I knew I didn’t want to just one fight because they are ALL important. But I also knew that there is no way in hell I had the energy to really get behind and push in ANY of them. The same issues that kept me from diving into activism before prejudice destroyed my life still hampered my ability to be effective in being an activist.

So I kept reading and educating myself, and eventually a lightbulb went off. For all the recognized importance of intersectionality, I wasn’t seeing an intersectional spaces. A place where information, ideas and events from across the activisms could be shared and discussed. So I decided to create on. And by making it an aggregator site, bringing together information and ideas from across the blogosphere and beyond, I can contribute without straining my own resources with another ongoing writing project like a standard blog. After all, I’m already reading these sites and blogs – taking a few minutes to link to them is easy.

That is also where the name of this site came from. This is the activism intersection. From here you will in time be able to find a route to anywhere in social activism (I’m steering clear of politics and environmental issues for now.) Just like standing in a real world intersection, you come here from your neighborhood (be it feminism, LGBT, atheism or anywhere else) and can pick any number of roads to take you to other neighborhoods and new knowledge.