Inter Section is a home for intersectionality on the web. Whatever your activism, you can come here to share what is going on in your fight and learn about the folks who are fighting beside you. Here you will find the latest goings on from the LGBT front, what is affecting PoC and what they are doing about it, feminism and its battles (internal and external) and a great deal more.

Intersectionality is a major buzzword these days – and that’s a good thing. Feminists are starting to pay attention to the women of color in their ranks, LGBT are waking up to the way internally they’ve shat on bi and trans folk and the way PoC and women within their ranks  are fighting multiple battles. Folks fighting ableism are trying to get everyone else to sit up and notice they are in for the long haul. Atheists and religious moderates are reaching out to other groups (and it would be lovely if they were start reaching out to each other).

Yet most of the time you will find intersectionality being talked about in a space already claimed by one activist group. Feminist blogs or POC newsletters or LGBT forums all have touched on or embraced intersectionality. Yet those spaces are dominate (and rightly) by their individual focus.

Here is a place you can come to step back and see the big picture. For feminists to learn not just about women of color in feminism, but the battles of PoC everywhere. For atheist and religious moderate discourse to sit side by side, for the voice of transfolk to be heard be everyone and the challenges of ablism to step into the light.

This is primarily an aggregator site. I do not know enough about all the battles being fought to write their stories myself. Instead, I will be providing links to 101 information for various activisms, topical news & events, and blogs & articles that I find particularly meaningful for a wider audience. If you know of media or an event you would like to see up here, or you would be interested in writing a guest post, please contact me.