This morning I had to change the channel on the kids show Arthur. Arthur had apparently put on some weight, and the show made a big deal about how he couldn’t run without getting out of breath, and might need to go on a diet – while looking exactly like he always has. First off, there is no connection between weight an athletic ability. Anyone who thinks there is needs to check out some weight-lifters or sumo wrestlers in action.  Second, there are enough kids with eating problems already without teaching kids that they need to go on a diet whenever they gain 5 or 10 pounds. WTF? Yes, kids need to learn to eat healthy and be active, but fat shaming is NOT the way to do it. Can we please teach kids to love their bodies AND have a healthy lifestyle, not keep tying healthy lifestyle to thinness (which taken to far can be JUST as unhealthy as carrying some ‘extra’ pounds.)

On to the news


School district tried to force deaf child to change name and the School denies trying to force any child to change their name-sign (Issue appears to come down to which type of sign language the boy uses. Sounds like the equivalent of telling a Spanish speaking child to call themselves Joseph instead of Jose, because the school only uses English.)

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If anyone has access to the original study and can share an assessment of it’s methods and conclusions, I’d be grateful.

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