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Hey folks, the amazing Dr. Eli Sheff’s new book, The Polyamorists Next Door, is out now on Amazon.

“It is the first book to use empirical evidence from a 15-year study of polyamorous families with children to explore this rapidly-growing relationship style. Hot off the presses, it is the perfect gift for the reader/seeker/counselor/teacher in your life.”

I’ll be getting a review up later this week, in the meantime, I highly encourage you to go order a copy now. If not for yourself, then for the people in your life–family, friends, professionals–who could benefit from learning a lot about the reality of poly families.

Marriage and monogamy are not what they used to be, and today many couples are opting to start families before getting married, or deciding not to get married at all. At the same time, gay couples in states that recognize same-sex marriage are getting married in droves. Some people prefer non-monogamy and have relationships that include swinging and polyamory. The landscape of American marriage and relationships is changing, and a variety of family systems are developing and becoming more common.

The Polyamorists Next Door introduces polyamorous families, in which people are free to pursue emotional, romantic, and sexual relationships with multiple people at the same time, openly and with support from their partners, sometimes forming multi-partner relationships, or other arrangements that allow for emotional and sexual freedom within the family system. In colorful and moving details, this book explores how polyamorous relationships come to be, grow and change, manage the ins and outs of daily family life, and cope with the challenges they face both within their families and from society at large. Using polyamorists own words, Dr. Elisabeth Sheff examines polyamorous households and reveals their advantages, disadvantages, and the daily lives of those living in them.

While polyamorous families are increasingly common, fairly little is known about them outside of their own social circles or of the occasional media sensationalism. This book provides information that will be useful for professionals with polyamorous clients, educators who wish to understand or teach about polyamory, and especially people who wish to better understand polyamory themselves or explain it to their potential partners, adult children, or in-laws.


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As always, there is a lot to say about LGBT in the news and media. As the most prominent movement in the US today, LGBT always gets lots of inches. This past month saw a lot of discussions on the Black LGBT community, largely triggered by the coming out of NBA player Jason Collins.

Today is the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. Let’s all do our parts to educate ourselves and others.

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Watch your head – there is some heavy remodeling going on around here.

For the regulars: I have decided to split my blogging to be able to provide a better focus. In a few weeks this blog will be getting a new URL to go with the new look, new focus and new title. From now on this blog will focus on activism and intersectionality, Check the about page for more details. I will be starting a new, site to discuss writing and self publishing. Current goal (money permitting) is to have that site live by June. When it does go up I will put a link on this site so folks can find it.

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