I can’t do this. I’ve tried, but even attempting to put together another post has been triggering me to the point that I haven’t been able to log into WordPress for several weeks. It is just plain hell going through all the shit out there, reading through it, picking and choosing what to share, organizing it, all the while drowning in the hell that is the world today for so many people. And the victories that I read about just aren’t enough to overcome that feeling. Especially not when Activist Apathy starts to set it.

So I’m going officially step away from this for a few weeks while I rethink what I”m doing here. Whatever I do it will continue to be able activism and intersectionality. But I think what I may do just re-blog the occasional must-read article, and focus on building pages of information about intersectionality, and all the oppressions that so many people deal with every day.

If you’ve been following this and have an idea for what else I might do here, feel free to share your thoughts. Otherwise, I’ll see you sometime in August.